CDR Charlene K. L. Majersky

CDR Charlene K. L. Majersky, PhD, works at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, GA.  She is a Health Service Officer (HSO) in the Public Health Service Commissioned Corps. 

In the past few years, she has responded to Salmonella Typhimurium (2009), H1N1 Influenza (2009), Administration for Children and Families Disaster Case Management in New York (2011), E. Coli (2011), Alabama tornado (2012), and Polio Eradication (2012).

COF:  Why did you join the PHS Commissioned Corps?
CDR Majersky: 
I wanted to continue to serve my country and become directly involved in public health leadership and service, utilizing both my masters in public health degree and doctoral degree in health care administration.  My heartfelt passion is delivering public health promotion and disease prevention programs, as well as advancing the science of public health.

COF:  Briefly describe your work.
CDR Majersky:  I am a Program Management Officer for the Division of Global Health Protection.  I lead the international recruitments/personnel actions for 72 overseas positions in 24 countries.  I also develop and teach various education and training courses on topics such as human resources, management, leadership, workplace bullying, communication skills to enhance efficiency and productivity in the workplace, embracing the human spirit, etc.

COF:  How does your work “protect, promote, and advance the health and safety of our Nation?”
CDR Majerky:  The Division of Global Health Protection works around the clock to protect the health and well-being of Americans and others around the globe.  CDC is assisting countries to prevent disease and more quickly discover, fight and control disease outbreaks where they are transpiring and preventing outbreaks from crossing borders.

COF:  Why is the PHS Commissioned Corps an important uniformed service?
CDR Majersky:  It continues to fill critical public health leadership and service roles within a myriad of agencies and programs in the federal government. PHS Commissioned Corps officers come from a number of professions, such as health care administration, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, social work, etc. The mission of the
PHS Commissioned Corps is “to protect, promote, and advance the health and safety of the United States.” This mission is accomplished by quickly and efficaciously responding to various public health needs throughout the world.

COF:  What is the most challenging part of your current position?
CDR Majersky: There are many systems and processes involved in overseas recruitments, so trying to connect all the dots in an efficient and timely manner is both a delicate art and a science.

COF:  What type of impact do people you recruit and train have overseas?
CDR Majersky: Ameliorate the health and well-being of people globally by building public health capacity to prevent disease, disability and mortality from communicable and non-communicable diseases. Additionally, ensures global health security by safeguarding the health of Americans and others around the globe by supporting the employment of the International Health Regulations (2005), instituting Field Epidemiology Training Programs and Global Disease Detection Centers, discovering emerging health threats, promoting non-communicable disease prevention and control, and preparing for and responding to imminent public health emergencies.

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