C. Everett Koop Living Legacy Fund

Dr. C. Everett Koop served as the 13th Surgeon General of the Public Health Service.  Known to his friends as "Chick," Dr. Koop became a household name and the face of public health.

After leaving office, the New York Times wrote in an editorial on May 6, 1989, "Throughout his seven years of service he has put medical integrity above personal value judgments and has been, indeed, the nation's First Doctor."

Programs Sponsored by the Koop Living Legacy Fund:

  1. Scholarships for junior Commissioned Corps officers to attend the annual USPHS Scientific and Training Symposium
  2. Continuing education for junior Commissioned Corps officers, including the RADM Jerrold M. Michael Global Health Fellowship
  3. Research and reports advancing public health and the Commissioned Corps
  4. Seminar series devote to public health topics

Young officers in every uniformed service need training and professional development.  In a changing world, new skills and perspectives emerge that influence the services Commissioned Corps officers deliver to their patients and communities.

Dr. Koop's widow, Cora Hogue Koop, wrote, "Of all the groups of people with whom he had a connection, the Commissioned Corps was perhaps closest to his heart.  He had such great respect and affection for all of you!"

After his death in February of 2013, John Seffrin of the American Cancer Society wrote, "The legacy of C. Everett Koop is how a wonderful, famous pediatric surgeon, who'd already made a name for himself, was willing at a relatively advanced age to do public service and show bold leadership that would have dramatic impact and change the world."

Continue the legacy of Dr. Koop.  Support emerging leaders and advance public health by donating to the Koop Living Legacy Fund.


"Each of our young officers have the leadership skills within them that will be needed to address future challenges. Our opportunity - as current leaders of the PHS Commissioned Corps - is to invest now in that future leadership potential."
- RADM Jerrold M. Michael, USPHS (Ret.)

Make a Gift to the Foundation

The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are fully tax-deductible as charitable donations for income tax purposes. Donations are recognized at the annual Public Health Symposium and in the newsletter Frontline.

RADM Jerrold M. Michael Fellowship

Established in honor of RADM Jerrold M. Michael (Ret.), the fellowship provides PHS officers financial assistance for continuing education.  More about the Fellowship (pdf, 12KB)

Commissioned Officers Foundation Scholarship Program

Dependents of COA members can apply for financial assistance for undergraduate or graduate study in fields related to the PHS categories.  Click here for more information.  Donate to support the next generation of health leaders.

Koop Living Legacy Fund

Continue the legacy of former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop. Donate today and fund education for emerging leaders in public health, research and reports advancing public health and the Commissioned Corps, and a seminar series devoted to public health topics.

Disaster Relief Fund

The uniformed services have long had a record of helping their own when disaster strikes. We want to do that now by helping PHS officers whose homes were impacted by the recent flooding. All donations will go to affected officers.                                                                                         

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